Saturday, January 8, 2011

Clinique Double The Kisses

Hey guys! I have a lot of new makeup products, and I'm so excited to try them all out and let you guys know what are some of my favorites!
Something I really liked was the Clinique Double the Kisses Lip Set. It came with three lipsticks and three lip glosses. The colors are so pretty and the colors look great on anybody. Here the swatches, the lipsticks on the left and the lip glosses on the right:
The colors are very luscious and so pretty! You can buy this set for $25 at Sephora, but get it fast! It's limited edition!


  1. They look gorgeous! What are they like on?


  2. I'll be sure to post some swatches ON lips this time very soon! They are really pretty colors!
    - Andrea
    : )