Monday, December 13, 2010

It's never too late for Autumn Eyes! Tutorial

Hey guys. I recently went to Ulta and they had a sale on their Ulta Brand eye shadows, so naturally, I just had to get some! I was surprised with the quality of their eye shadows. They blended really well, and as far as their pigment goes, they were pretty good. These are the colors I used:
This look reminded me of Autumn colors. It's a very warm look, and will look great for any occasion!
Enjoy : )

Step 1: Prime your upper and lower lids. I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly.

Step 2: Using an eyeshadow brush, apply the color Suede all over your eyelids.

Step 3: Now take the color Camel and apply it from your brow bone to your crease.

Step 4: Using a crease or angled aye shadow brush, apply the color Mink into your crease. Make sure to blend the color really well.

Step 5: Using an angled eyeliner brush, line your lower lash line with the color Chianti. Make a wing all the way up to your brow.

Step 6: Line your upper lashes with a dark chocolate eyeliner. I used Too Faced Lava Gloss Eyeliner in Chocolate Lava. Make the line a little bit thicker than usual. It's fine if it looks messy. You're going to be smudging the eyeliner next.

 Step 7: Using a smudge tip, smudge the eyeliner across your upper lash line.

Step 8: Line your waterline and lower lashes with the same eyeliner.

Step 9: Apply two coats of mascara on your top lashes, and one coat on your bottom lashes. I used L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara in Blackest Black. When applying your mascara, brush your lashes towards the outer corner of your eye like this:

I hope you like this look : )

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