Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wanna Make Someone's Day?

Wanna make someone's day? Give them jewelry! Christmas is such a hectic time of the year for my family, especially my mom. With all the food planning, and the gift wrapping, and the guest entertaining, it's amazing how she can handle all these tasks without losing it. A few weeks ago, she was looking at these rings online. They were from Trina Turk She kept hinting that she really wanted these rings, but then after a few days of looking at them and showing everyone, she gave up (or at least she thought she gave up). We surprised her on Christmas morning with not only one, but both of the rings she wanted. Believe me, she was VERY surprised! But she deserved it. After all, Santa Claus deserves a few gifts, right?
The rings we got her were from Trina Turk. All of their rings are very fashionable, modern, and definitely make a statement. One of the rings was the disco ball ring. It's elegant with a modern twist, and will look great with anything!
The other ring was the resin ball ring. If I had to describe this ring with one word, it would be unique. The ring we bought my mom was in the color Coral, which is so pretty! Also, the band is imprinted with a design that really catches your eye.

These rings were both on sale too, so it was a great deal, and the smile on my mom's face was definitely worth it! Check these rings out at!

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